Opensource Raspberry Pi Smartmeter

I was missing the ability of measuring and visualizing power consumption in my Smarthome. For this reason I have developed a Smartmeter / Energymonitor as an extension for the Raspberry Pi which I would like to share for rebuilding / improving / expanding. The piMeter.

The Smartmeter can record the following data on 3 phases:

Current RMS
Voltage RMS
Active power
Apparent power
Reactive power
Accumulated active power
Accumulated apparent power
Accumulated reactive power

All smartmeter data is visualized on a web frontend. It shows consumption data for a given day, month or year. It can also show real-time data of the actual consumption. The real-time data is stored in RAM. It holds 10 minutes of data in a buffer and sends it to the browser if needed. The long time data is stored in a mariaDB on my NAS. Storing this data on the pi directly is not recommended due to high read / write cycles on the sdcard.

The Smartmeter is based on the ADE9000 chip from Analog Devices which communicates over SPI with the Raspberry Pi. For current measurement I use SCT-013-000 Current Transformers from YHDC. They are cheap and can measure currents up to 100A.

Web Frontend

Realtime Data

Smartmeter Board

piMeter Board


Case bottom with Pi Zero
Case bottom with piMeter
Case closed

SCT-013-000 Datasheet
ADE9000 Datasheet
BCM2835 SPI Lib


When working with 230V there is danger to life. The board has no protection against contact. I assume no liability for damage to persons or objects that arise when replicating the meter.